Mybb 1.6.8 Update Minecraft Experiment Beta 1.1 (Mexp1100)

Mybb minecraft experiment (mexp1100) version compatible: 1.6.8 , template version beta 1.1

Free to download here : mexp1100 (DOWNLOAD NOT SUPPORTED ANYMORE)


Mybb Mexp

Demo here, select in the bottom of the forum the theme “Minecraft Experiment beta 1.1” and submit.


what have this theme?

  • css buttons;
  • Jquery sliding collapsible forums;
  • Avatar icon in the welcome box;
  • Works on Chrome, not very well on IE.
  • Have social Icons and Google + button.
Changelog 1.1:

—-Changes from 1.0 to 1.1—-

+ Pocket Crafting table recipes button (development);
+ some minor bug fixed;
+ Changed the userpanel style;
+Added social icon “Pinterest”;

(Remember that this is a Beta theme so is full of bugs :D)


How to insert my social links:

  • go to the template section of mybb admin side;
  • select “Template”;
  •  go to “Home » Set di Template » Minecraft Experiment Templates” click on”Header template” and then on “header”;
  • Now find in the file The Facebook twitter and Youtube links , and change them with yours.
If there are problems post a comment

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