Mybb Theme 1Pure (1.6.6) by

Mybb 1pure theme 1.6.6

1pure Download here or from (DOWNLOAD NOT SUPPORTED ANYMORE)

Demo here, select in the bottom of the forum the theme “1pure” and submit.


  • download the .zip file;
  • copy the 1Pure folder in the main folder of your mybb installation;
  • Upload the xml file from the template area of your Mybb forum admin panel side.

what have this theme?

  • css buttons;
  • Jquery sliding collapsible forums;
  • Avatar icon in the welcome box;
  • Works on Chrome, not very well on IE.
  • Have social Icons and Google + button.

How to insert my social links:

  • go to the template section of mybb admin side;
  • select “Template”;
  •  go to “Home » Set di Template » Minecraft Experiment Templates” click on”Header template” and then on “header”;
  • Now find in the file The Facebook twitter and Youtube links , and change them with yours.

How to change ADS on footer:

  • Go to Template “footer template” “footer”;
  • Find the first table html tag;
  • There are 3 td tag, the first one is the social area, the second and the third are the ADS areas.
  • Change the html code inside the td tag of the ads with yours.
(sorry for the bad english)

If there are problems post a comment

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